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Reframing the future of digital event formats.

What we do

We are driven passionately to create unique digital events, redefining truly immersive and dynamic online experiences

In a world in which standing out can be quite challenging, intricate storytelling & mesmerizing aesthetics are of utmost importance for creating unforgettable moments with your audience. 

That's why we focus on a holistic and non-compromising approach, custom-tailoring and catering to your individual needs for creating lasting impact

We strive to bring meaning to events in the digital realm, playing around with innovative ways of conjoining the digital and analog world.


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Our solution

Our modular approach allows for easy adaptability to your custom needs.


Whether you want to host an internal event for your organisation or organize a public event for your audience, generate marketing buzz or position yourself as an innovative and modern organisation - we’ve got you covered.

Our modular tool kit consists of a wide range of engaging building blocks.

Modular Tool Kit

(Click on the respective modular tool to explore in-depth what we offer) 

In Development

We’re working hard on developing new innovative modules for your future events, such as engaging augmented & virtual reality experiences, haptic hybrid solutions that allow for physical interaction with the digital events and many other cool things - so stay tuned! 

Enchanting and magical virtual reality add-ons for innovative new experiences

Engaging augmented reality experiences for giving your event an unexpected edge

Delicious food area, with tasty recipes or live-streamed cooking events

In the mood for some cold and fancy drinks? Then our virtual bar is the right place

If you want to get inspired, feel free to discover our range of real-world Use Cases, in which we lay out what's possible.



Embracing the new era of digital events and their extraordinary aspects, opens up a lot of unique advantages for you and your organisation. 

Below we explore six of them.


Decentralized accessibility - a stable internet connection and a suitable device is everything needed to connect & participate


Scalability - easily grow the reach of your audience, regardless of physical bounderies & borders


Reduced costs - high costs normally associated with rental of an event location, catering, travel & hospitality are greatly reduced


Sustainability - reduce your carbon footprint by allowing people to easily connect from wherever they are 


Flexibility - we custom design each event for you and your exact needs


Reporting - get a detailed insight of how your audience behaved 


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If you would like to get in touch with us, just shoot us an email or simply schedule a call with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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