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Join us on our mission of reframing the world of virtual event experiences

The team behind reframed.  

Our Story 

This journey started with three friends wanting to create music events in the physical world. Due to certain circumstances physical events were not possible anymore thus we started thinking outside the box and found that one aspect connected us all – decentrality. Using this to our advantage became our focal point in creating digital events.

To create truly inclusive and dynamic events, we realized how important it is to provide a platform where we can enable connections with each other that supersede the physical boundaries and allow people worldwide to take part in our events. This led us to create immersive and dynamic online experiences through our divers features.

We started organizing digital open airs and then quickly adapted to the given possibilites and we started taking it to the next level with a digital non-profit online music Festival called Drunter & Drüber Festival. As the festival was a full success, we have continued to go further and organize even more events of this type. 

As things grew bigger, we also started thinking bigger. We deep dived into all aspects of digital event planning – we were curious enough to try new things but also ambitious enough to execute our events in a highly professional and efficient manner. These two attributes enabled us to imagine a different tomorrow in which we would actively shape the future of digital events. All the experiences we gained through our events pushed us to go further and become innovative in our mission to reframe digital events. We wanted to use this knowledge and enable companies to create their own unique digital experiences – we wanted people to not just watch but be the experience themselves which resulted in us founding this agency.

Julien Schömann 


Chief Brand Officer 

Arthur Ceremuhin


Chief Innovation Officer

Till Antonio Mahler


Chief Executive Officer 

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What is reframed?

We consider ourselves an agency, building and creating digital experiences made to meet your needs. We are obsessed in finding the best possible way of creating lasting memories. Our aim is to offer a service of building and organizing digital and hybrid events. With our immense passion for new challenges, combined with our enthusiasm and expertise we are firmly convinced to craft unforgettable experiences for you.

This is why our mission is

to bring people together in a

sustainable, safe and accessible way

in the digital realm providing lot's of

fun and interactive solutions!

Sadly physical events are significant contributors to

CO2 emissions, pollution, and wasted food and water.

The major environmental issue associated with events is the effect that traveling is having on the world – the high CO2 emission from short/long haul and domestic trips by air, road, and sea are massively contributing to the planet’s climate change.

We're on a mission!

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