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We will provide a complete report with the numbers and stats of your event including all recordings, insights and all data related to it. This is especially useful for marketing and sponsorship purposes 


Merging the digital with the real world for truly great holistic experience. Creating lasting memories with packages filled with branded materials or different fun items. Sending them out to the attendees of your event will make your event a blast

Physical packages

In case your event needs a ticketing option or any type of registration, we got you covered. Customized invitations can also be part of this feature


Creating a big focus on networking just like you would at an in-person event with our chill out areas and many more options 


Sparking joy at every event with a large variety of artists, workshops a virtual food area or bar and even a virtual dancefloor. Simply tell us what fits best for your needs and we are taking care of everything for you


We will arrange a professional Livestream production with a studio set-up, live direction, all necessary equipment etc.

Livestream production

Our aim is to create interesting and seamless experiences and nothing works better than interactive elements such as an interactive map where you can interact with other attendees and "walk around" the event discovering where you are

Interactive elements

Creating a unique corporate identity for your event including webdesign, social media content, event cover, interactive map and even a lot more


We will create a website according to your needs with everything that goes with it as this will always be the central happening of your digital event

Event platform 

We consider this our modular toolkit because every feature listet can be added to your event – if you have anything in mind that is not listet, feel free to contact us and we will do our best

to make it happen!

All features you can add to your event  

We can't wait to merge the digital world with our physical reality and are working out the best way this can be done in the near future as digital events don't have to act as a substitutes for physical events but can rather be a super fancy addition to whatever you have in mind.

Hybrid Solutions

This feature has been on our bucket list since we started and is still being highly worked on to ensure the best experience possible. We love bringing worlds together and even creating new ones – therefore VR was inevitable for us.

Virtual Reality

We are highly motivated to very soon welcome AR–Experiences in our portfolio that can be added to your future event. It will allow even more interactive possibilities by merging the digital world with the our physical reality.

Augmented Reality

We’re working hard on developing new innovative modules for your future events which will allow an even better physical interaction with the digital events and a lot of other really cool things - so stay tuned!

More features

coming very soon..

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