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We are a digital event agency sparking joy by reframing your

digital event experience

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You can host private or public events. Let's get creative and play around with unlimited possibilities to create

your unique experience

What kind of

experience is possible?

Creating a truly digital Festival of this size was magical for all of us. Being able to get crazy and including every idea that came into our mind into this festival was truly inspiring and led to a number of unforgettable days with lot's of music from over 10 virtual stages from all over the world including workshops, a virtual dancefloor, a food area, live performances and a unique physical package filled with a real festival ribbon, a printed festival map and a wonderful cover. This project was a truly holistic experience gathering artists and people from around the globe to enjoy an absolutely decentralized party together with around 100.000 unique viewers.

The Hertie School is a German private independent graduate school located in Berlin but half of their students are from abroad and due to covid-19 restrictions the last semester had to start digitally but they still wanted their students to have a great kick-off to their new year at uni. We got in touch to solve this problem and create a unique digital Orientation-Week experience for their students from around the globe. It turned out the be a big success and we are keen on working on the next project together very soon.

Sometimes visualizing what is possible helps to understand the variety of options you can add to your event. Here are some examples of previous events hosted by us with more to come in the near future!

Past experiences created with our clients

Once the event is successfully finished we will provide a complete report with all the numbers and stats of your event 


Executing your event with our entire team making sure everything runs perfect and everyone is more than happy


We plan your event according to your needs and wishes while staying in close contact


Schedule a call or write us an email to discuss your ideas or get further details and start brainstorming

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